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Where brave business meets bold strategies.

Holistic Design + Development for the Nature-Inspired 🌱

Combining your passion for plants with your knowledge of how to help people should be paired with a fun, positive customer journey– a journey that should inspire your customer into action!

Passionate, values-driven businesses can market their products and increase revenue through proven marketing strategies… that are human-centric, ethical, and promote a sense of ease and excitability. 

Through beautifully developed webpages and automated business systems (that actually work for you, your business, and your lifestyle!), you will feel empowered to share your products, boost revenue through customer retention, and experience the fun part of entrepreneurship in a challenging industry.

Collage featuring Michelle Leech, holistic web designer and online business developer in various outdoor settings

Offering a complimentary partner for brave businesses in challenging industries, who like to do things a little differently.

Because there’s a lot more adventure to be had on ‘The Road Not Taken’

Dashed green arrow to help the lead navigate through the website

where do you want to go?

Two Paths Co. creates holistic design + development through bold strategies for those brave businesses who are doing things their own way.

The following industries are preferred clients:

  • Plant Medicine (including cannabis + psilocybin)
  • Herbalists + other similar consultants
  • Green /  Sustainable Businesses
  • Human-First Development