Celebrating My 6th Year as a Digital Nomad + Online Business Owner

When I originally set out on the road to becoming a digital nomad, I didn’t foresee it becoming a lifelong thing. For me, I just wanted to try something new, immerse myself in a new culture, and figure out what it meant to just be… me. I gave myself 6 months. But if we’re being honest– in a very back corner of my mind, I knew I was really aiming for 3 months. Just 3 months of being abroad, and I would have felt pretty damn content.

Except it lasted much longer than 3 months, because on October 17th (my birthday), it will have been 6 years since I first boarded that plane to my first digital nomad location– Thailand.

I did not start my journey with this business, nor any of the expertise I now hold in the online space. There’ve been many different things that I’ve tried, and some of them stuck around for a long time while I got this business firmly established and off the ground. But I always knew that my multitude of skills and bachelor’s degree would allow me to keep finding work abroad for as long as I wanted. And I was right.

From teaching English online, to data entry, tour guide, virtual assistant, web designer, copywriter… and so much in between, I’ve continued to develop my skills, network with other entrepreneurs both online and in my travels, and become the well-rounded digital entrepreneur that you’re reading about today. 

Although these days I spend a lot more time in my home country than I anticipated just a few years ago, the nomad, online business owner life is always going to be the one for me. 

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