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How-to Increase Padding in the Kartra Page Builder Beyond 100px

Are you trying to work with Kartra’s Page Builder and getting frustrated that you can only add up to 100 pixels of padding? Use this hack to get unlimited padding!

It’s really simple when you use my method.

First, go to the style editor menu in the area you wish to add padding to. In this example, I’m increasing the padding of a full section.

Then, change the padding to 95px. I use 95 because I can spot it more easily than 100 in a block of code.

Next, you want to save your page! Always save your page before attempting to change the coding. This is because mistakes happen, and you can easily refresh and try again. You will lose other changes if you refresh before saving.

After, you can right-click anywhere on the page and choose “Inspect” from the menu.

To isolate the area of code you wish to edit, use the cursor icon to inspect. Hover over the area you wish to change and click. Inside the code editor, it will go to the area of code you want to edit.

Look around that area for “95px”. It should be within 1-2 lines. Click on that number, and you’ll see “Element Styles” appear below with a line for padding. Simply double-click on the padding line and change 95 to your desired number. Press enter and the changes will automatically take effect. If you’re happy with it, simply exit from the code builder and save your changes. Then, refresh the page to remove any small glitches!

You can do this with any area, and even try negative numbers, too!

Happy Page Building 🙂

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