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Set-Up Email Notifications in Kartra for you, your team, or your leads

Want to be notified when someone opts-in to a form? Gets added to a list? What about when you make a sale? Set-Up Kartra Email Notifications inside Your Account and customize what you, your team, and your leads see!

To find the Email Notifications, first click on your Profile icon from anywhere inside Kartra on the top right hand corner of the screen. Go to “Notifications.” (Protip: You need to be logged into the owner’s account to adjust this. It is not currently possible to use anything in this menu from a team account).

Here’s a list of all the Kartra notifications you should get comfortable using for your launch or evergreen funnel!

Kartra Email Notifications

Lead fills in an optin form

A lead has filled in an Opt-in Form

  • Use THIS when you want happy notifications from Kartra in your inbox about a new lead magnet or opt-in campaign!

Calendar subscription pending vendor

Calendar booking pending

  • If your calendar requires approval from you or a team member before it’s confirmed, you’ll want this email notification switched on so you know ASAP when there’s a calendar waiting.

Calendar subscription confirmation vendor

New calendar booking

  • Don’t need to approve your calendar requests, but still want instant notification? Turn this on and you’ll know exactly when someone has scheduled something. PROTIP: Change the subject line so that it really stands out in your inbox!

New affiliate notification to vendor

New affiliate sign up!

Calendar event cancelled to vendor

Calendar event cancellation

  • If you’ve allowed Calendar cancellations, make sure you are notified straight away in case it ever happens. (Want help using Kartra Calendars? Make a request for my Youtube channel!).

Calendar subscription cancelled to vendor

Calendar subscription cancellation

  • Similar to above, except this would be a series of Calendar bookings, not just the single event.

Calendar subscription declined to vendor

Calendar subscription declined

Subscription cancelation to vendor

Subscription cancelled

Comment pending moderation

New comment waiting for moderation!

  • Have you enabled comments in your Kartra Memberships? If you want to control who can comment and when (or just make sure the quality of those contributing matches your vibe!) then you need to turn on comment moderation. Get notified of a waiting comment by turning this one.

Lead subscribes to a list

A lead has subscribed to a List

  • All of your leads should get subscribed to a list as soon as they opt-in, so you can choose whether you need one or both of these. Edit the “rules” in this area so you receive just particular list status updates, rather than all of them. This is helpful if you’re using automations to add existing leads to a new list, or if you prefer to organize via Lists rather than Forms!

Lead subscribes to a membership

A lead has subscribed to a Memberships

  • Turn this on if you are using automations to grant access to a particular membership. If the membership is attached to a sale, save yourself a crowded inbox and just use that to track your course purchases!

Lead subscribes to a sequence

Lead has subscribed to a Sequence

  • Adjust which Sequences you hear about in the “Rules” area. You can decide whether to hear about all of them, or just a select few. 

Membership new comment posted

New comment posted!

  • Enabled comments, but don’t have moderation turned on? Still know when a new comment has been added inside of one of your memberships. (Note: It is not currently possible to notify other members when someone else comments. You’ll need to send out a broadcast if you want other members to check out the comment inside. For this reason, most people use third-party platforms such as Facebook Groups or Slack for any community aspect. Want to learn more about Memberships? Make a request for my Youtube channel!).

New shipping order

New shipping order!

  • Have an eCommerce business? Turn this one!

Helpdesk new ticket notification to vendor

[{helpdesk_department}] New support ticket

  • The dynamic variable above relates to the Helpdesk department that you’ve set-up inside of Kartra Helpdesks. If you only have one department, then you don’t need to worry about the dynamic variable! Do turn this on if you are using Kartra Helpdesks.

Rebill confirmation to vendor

[Order {transaction_id}] New recurring payment!

  • Congratulations, a customer has made an automatic payment! 

Refund partial confirmation to vendor

Transaction refunded

  • Get a message from Kartra when there’s been a full refund.

Refund full confirmation to vendor

Transaction refunded

  • Get a message from Kartra when there’s been a full refund.

Order confirmation to vendor

[Order {transaction_id}] You’ve made a sale!

  • Time for another happy dance – you’ve made a brand new sale! This one is usually on by default, but you can turn it off if you don’t need it!

Chargeback confirmation to vendor

Chargeback notification to vendor

  • This is something you’ll want to investigate further. Find the Transaction in Kartra or go to your payment processor (example: Stripe, PayPal) for more details.

Have any questions about email notifications that weren’t answered above? It’s honestly easy to miss one on the list, or to overlook something. Make a request for my Youtube channel where I dive into the most requested tech, Kartra, and online business hacks that my clients and audience requests.

To learn about email notifications for your leads, check back soon!

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