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How-to Save Images from Inside Kartra Page Builder

Have you ever wondered how to save an image from a template or gallery inside Kartra Pages? It does take a few little coding tricks – but it’s really easy, I promise!

Watch my video tutorial below, or skip ahead to the written instructions:

To do this, it’s as simple as having the image available inside of the Kartra Page Builder. For example, you’ve found a section template and dragged that into the Page Builder, or you used stock photography found inside the image search bar. Maybe it’s an image that you’ve previously uploaded to Kartra and have since lost on your own hard drive.

Right click on the screen and choose “Inspect.” This will open the page’s source code. Find the little cursor tool found in the screenshot below. (Your menu might be located in a pop-up, underneath, to one side, much smaller or bigger. These are user settings).

Then, hover over the image. You should see it highlighted. Click, and the code in your menu will automatically move to that image. Find the image URL, copy that, and paste into a new tab.

Important: You’ll need to remove anything that looks like “file///” from the beginning, any symbols (“) at the end, and ensure that the extension is an image extension (like .gif, .jpg, .png). Just delete any extra code bits and press enter.
Voila! You should see the image in front of you. Simply right click and save to your computer!

Sound confusing? Just watch the video – my Kartra Hacks are all 5 minutes or less and designed to help YOU navigate Kartra like a pro.

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