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How to Create an Optin in Kartra

If you’re ready to create an optin funnel in Kartra, or simply need a place where people can drop some information, then you need a Kartra Form! Kartra Forms can be used inside Kartra assets like Pages and Calendars, as well as embedded onto other third-party platforms like ShowIt or your own website. This is only a guide to setting up your Kartra Form, and not how to embed it on a third-party platform.

Here is a list of all the information you need to have in order to create a Form. 

  1. First, you’ll need to access the “My Forms” area in Kartra, and click the big, green button on the bottom right to create a new form! A pop-up will appear, allowing you to name the form internally. Don’t worry – your leads will not see this! Name this something really obvious that you’ll be able to remember and pick from a drop down menu months down the line!

  2. The next step will allow you to choose the Fields that you want your form to have. This is not about design, but function. You will be able to edit this area at any time. Speaking in a wild generalization, most opt-in Forms simply ask for the lead’s first name and email address. Forms must always ask for an email, as that is how everything is tied to a Lead inside Kartra. You also don’t need to edit the button copy here, as you will do that when you use it on your Page.

    Note: If you want to add captcha to your Form to ward off spam or bots, check out my Instagram Reel that demonstrates this super fast!

    Using custom fields
  3. If you want to ask something more specific, you can create a custom field. There are many different ways to use this area but it is fairly intuitive. You’ll be able to set it to either short text, long text, drop down, radio buttons, and checklists. This is a really great feature of Kartra that can allow you to use Kartra as a basic CRM!

    If your opt-in is as basic as the rest of ours, then continue onto step 4!

  4. Next, you’ll decide whether to use single or double opt-in. I won’t be able to advise you on which to use, but check the laws in your target demographic. Does it require a double opt-in? Note that while double opt-ins will naturally produce a smaller conversion rate, the quality of those leads should be higher than that of a single optin. If you select double opt-in, know that you will either have to use a Kartra-branded confirmation page, or create your own and add that to the Form builder here.

  5. The next stage is about the success page, also known as the thank you page. This is the page that will automatically load upon completion of the Form. This will be its own page in most cases.

    Note: At this time, it is not possible to pop a message or not load a new page. You must select something for the Form to go to or the Form will not be configured correctly, and cannot be added to a Page.

  6. Decide whether you want to send a welcome email. If you want to send one, you might not want to do it here! I recommend not sending a welcome email from inside the Form Builder, and instead, creating a sequence to deliver that same email. This is because you cannot check the analytics of your Form Welcome Emails! Additionally, most of you will be adding follow-up emails and using a sequence anyway. Why not keep all of your emails in the same place? For this reason, I recommend keeping this setting off.

  7. This next stage can get tricky and messy fast if you are not careful. There are many different ways to manage a Kartra account, and none of them are necessarily wrong. Some are possibly more efficient, but what matters the most is that you are always creating assets and automations in the same way, each time!

    Personally, I like to set automations in the Form builder so that I know exactly what a Lead has been up to at all times. You will need to Add a List, but it’s up to you to assign a tag. Since you can filter your leads by the actual form itself, it is not necessary to tag the leads about filling in this Form (unless you want to!). I like to review my Leads by their tags in a macro view to get an overview of where the interest and activity has been, and therefore I always add tags.

    Note: If you want to give away FREE access to a membership– this is where you do that! Use the “Advanced Automations” area at the bottom to grant access to your membership. This way, you are not creating a checkout for them to put their credit card information into since it is free.

  8. The last page will ask you where you plan to use the Form. If you have Kartra pages, select the first option. If you will embed this Form elsewhere, select the second option. You will then be able to launch a Form builder to design how it looks. Once you finish the design, Kartra will give you a code to use on your website.

You are now finished! You have created an opt-in Form in Kartra, and can now add it to your Pages and start collecting leads.

If you are ready to just get your business launched on Kartra already and are looking for an opt-in funnel, fast– then visit the template shop where I have a landing page template, thank you page template and copy, and the assets needed to get your opt-in ready in no time! After years working across many brands and niches in Kartra to build sales funnels that convert, I’ve picked up a thing or two on how to do it! These templates come packed with that expertise and are ready for you to hit the ground running.

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