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How-to Change Your Logo in Kartra

Have you noticed that when you’re adding something new in Kartra, an ugly placeholder logo appears?

Having to manually change this each time can really eat up your workflow! There is a way to change this so that your own logo appears each and every time.

Here’s how to Change the Logo in Kartra:

Firstly, you will need to be logged in as the main account holder. This is because the business profile area is not available to team members.

Secondly, note that you will need to know the answer to your security question. Anything changed inside the business profile area will prompt this question.

For these two reasons, I usually suggest that the main account holder does this themselves, and not their team members. The security question allows you to change everything and shouldn’t be shared carelessly.

Here’s the step by step instructions to changing your logo:

1.) Once logged in, click the Profile icon on the top right of your Kartra account.

2.) Next, hover over the placeholder icon and a little pencil should appear. Click to open your computer files.

3.) After you’ve selected the correct logo from your computer, just click “open”!

4.) Review anything else on your profile that might be out of date or need to be changed.

5.) Press “Save”!

6.) Kartra will now prompt you for the security answer. As long as you know what this is, you’re good to go!

It’s honestly a very easy thing to do, but is often neglected.

Something to keep in mind: You should use a file with a transparent background. If the background is not transparent, you will see a slight box outline in some areas of the Kartra account. 

Kartra recommends 250×50 pixels for the dimension. Your logo might be a 1:1 ratio. I do not advise ignoring this recommendation as your logo will get cut off on the top and bottom. (It doesn’t matter if your logo is 500×100, 1000×200… as long as the dimensions are correct).

Be careful with the file size of your logo. It might appear fuzzy when Kartra compresses them. Ideally you will compress the logo to the smallest size you can before uploading.

That’s it! Now when you create a new checkout page or membership in Kartra, your logo will automatically populate. You can adjust this at any time in your profile area. If you would like to use a different logo for some assets, you can still change that in builder.

Check the video below for a walkthrough of this and let me know if you have any questions about this, or something else in Kartra!

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How-to Change Your Logo in Kartra



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