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How-to Change the Background Color of Icons in Kartra Page Builder

Are you trying to change the background colour of an icon inside the Kartra Page Builder, but you aren’t given the option to do so? Some of the templates use icons with a background colour that won’t appear in the component editing menu.

This is easy to isolate and fix! Just right-click the page builder and choose ‘Inspect.’ Next, you’ll need to choose the item to inspect. Hover over it and you should see a menu appear, with the colour code and a little square showing the colour. Just click and the code will bring up that area. Double click the hex code variable to enter the editor, and then type in your new hex code! You should see the changes reflect in the Page Builder immediately. After you’ve changed, just press enter and you can exit the code inspector.

I recommend SAVING your page here and then hitting refresh. You’ll see the icon has been updated automatically!

PRO TIP: Always SAVE your page before opening the Inspect menu. This is so that if you select the wrong thing or make a mistake, you can simply refresh the page and start again.

Happy Page Building!

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