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Here’s Why FAQ Sections on Your Sales Page Are So Important

Ready to create a sales page for your digital product? You can’t miss the FAQs!

Why Should You Have a FAQ Section On Your Sales Page?

FAQs are super important for your marketing strategy. We want to use FAQs on sales pages because it makes the lead feel like you truly understand them AND that you’ve truly thought everything through. They should be as clear and concise as possible. It’s all about the like + trust factor.

We’ll cover where to put the FAQ section on your sales page later, but we already all know that it’s not at the very top. Your hook belongs at the top of your page, and each section after that is carefully placed in order to grow that like + trust. Once they reach the FAQs, they already like you. It’s time to turn on the trust!

It’ll also help those who like to scan through pages quickly (many people) and just get to the nitty gritty details. FAQs are often what either pushes someone over the edge to buy, or has them dropping off entirely.

When you are first writing your copy, start with the FAQs. This can help you brainstorm other copy for the rest of your marketing. It will also encourage you to think deeply about what exactly it is you are offering in the simplest of terms. If you don’t understand your FAQ, it’s a big signal that something is not aligned and you are not ready to market your product yet.

Here are some FAQ red flags to watch out for:

  1. You can’t (simply) answer the question.. Who is this for?

If you find this to be the case, then you might not have done enough research into your niche, or… you’re afraid of niching down entirely. When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

It can be scary to list out groups of people in case someone is left out and doesn’t buy. However, it’s also scary to invest in a product if it’s not obvious it will help. 

  1. You have repetitive Qs.

If this happens, you’ve done a great job brain dumping and now it’s time to refine! Consider grouping similar FAQs together. Sometimes, you might just need to remove one. Always go for the shortest answer that supplies the most impact. People do not want to read an essay!

  1. You have too many Qs.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many Qs you should have since products, offers, and audiences have such a vast range. However, if you’re viewing the FAQ on a webpage, try to keep it all within the size of an average screen. If you have more than that, you should break up the Qs into categories so that people can more easily find their answers.

IMPORTANT: Too many Qs is usually a signal that something is missing in the sales page copy itself, or we’re afraid that the copy won’t be enough. Most (if not all) of your Qs should be addressed elsewhere on the page. We’re just summarizing for clarity’s sake, so be clear!

  1. You don’t have a refund policy.

When you’re selling online, you need to have a refund policy that is not only in place, but clear to the customer. This will not only protect you from pesky admin issues later down the line, but will serve you in the event of a dispute. Everyone receives these disputes eventually, so be proactive!

Refund policies can be whatever suits you and your business: including NO REFUNDS. Don’t be afraid to list this clearly. You are building trust with your audience when you are honest, and they will appreciate you more because of it!

Where Should Your FAQ Go On Your Sales Page?

FAQs should be addressed nearer the bottom of the page. This is because, ideally, most of the potential customers’ questions are being addressed through the sales page copy on the rest of the page.

By the time they get to the FAQ, they should already have a fairly clear understanding of what your product is, who it serves, why they need it, and what the process is. FAQs just serve as an additional reminder and make it undeniably clear.

Need more sales page tips and information?

Sales pages are a key piece of your marketing for any type of funnel. More importantly, the process of researching, analyzing and preparing for your sales page is going to give you so much insight and higher conversions as a result, if done properly. Build a high-converting sales page with these 5 best practices!
Your sales page is important, and nothing matters more than your copy. For that reason, I highly recommend that you consider the above steps. Need some help with your copy? The Sales Copy Engine 🔥 is what everyone needs when they’re preparing to launch a digital product!

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