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7 Prompts You Need to Handle Objections in Your Sales Copy

It’s very important to understand what objections your customers have about purchasing your product, so that you can preemptively soothe some of those pesky thoughts they have when they land at your sales page. Handling objections is absolutely critical when it comes to your sales copy. Writing your sales page copy should include handling objections or hesitations. 

Use the following prompts as a guideline to understanding what questions and concerns your customer has. A good funnel will address those objections through-out all emails, freebies, landing pages and sales pages.

1. They want to know if it’s actually going to help them. How do they know this wasn’t designed for someone else?

  • Answer these questions:
    i) Who is it for?
    NOT: Busy moms
    TRY: Busy mompreneurs who use Pinterest for marketing and sales, but don’t have the time to learn another platform from scratch AND create content manually day after day
    ii) Why is it specifically for them? (Try to connect to their actual feelings, so they recognize straight away that you’re “in” their head).
    NOT: It takes less time.
    TRY: Free up more time to spend with your family, rather than being glued to your content

2. Why should they trust you? Do you have any proof of your method working?

  • Use testimonials or case studies
    Both screenshots and written experiences work
  • Explain your method and how you came up with it
    Stand out above the crowd with these eye-catching templates
  • Talk about a situation where you applied the method and it worked
    I went viral for the first time when I did X.
  • Where would you yourself be, without using the expertise in this product?
    My head would feel so scattered if I didn’t create this time-saving process. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the time to develop real products in my business. Maternity leave would feel scary and impossible.

3. What is the reason why someone might NOT purchase your product?

They decided they could do it themselves by using mine and other’s free content.

4. What is a reason why someone might REGRET not purchasing your product?

They would spend so much time weeding through the mass of free (and often poor quality) free content, that they realize just why my product is a must.

5. What place are they in now? And, where will they be after using your product?

They are spending too much time creating content and creatives for Pinterest, that they have to take on fewer clients. This directly impacts their income. After using this bundle, the amount of time saved means taking on additional clients. This bundle has more than paid for itself 10x over!

6.What value does your product have? Include both monetary and personal values.

Guide: value $49
Calendar: value $79
Templates: value $99

Free time to spend with family, time to help daughter with homework, finally went on a date night – haven’t done that since starting my business!

7. Understand the most common objections that customers have and what your fix is (if any):

  • “I don’t have time”
    Fix example: Before using my Pinterest templates, I was spending hours late into the night doing it manually. Now, I can create Pinterest content for an entire month in only 2 hours!
  • “I can’t afford it”
    Fix example: Susie was so busy creating her own marketing strategy, that she had limited capacity for clients. Since managing it for her, Susie has gained enough time in her schedule for actual money-making activities!
  • “Is it actually worth $X?”
    Fix example: The guide itself is valued at $27, and the amount of time saved by using the templates is worth at least $300 every month – that’s $327 in value the first month alone. This bundle is a steal at only $27!

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