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4 Best Practices for Building High-Converting Sales Pages

As the world continues to go digital, the ability to create sales pages that sell digital products and stand out amongst the competition has become increasingly more difficult. If you’ve ever wondered about how to sell digital products, then you need to take note of these 4 best practices for building high-converting sales pages!

Follow These 4 Tips for Your Sales Page:

1. Write a good hook

The success of your sales page rests heavily upon its ability to capture the lead’s attention, pique curiosity, and make them feel heard and understood. If you’re not a copywriting expert, you might be at a loss on how to actually write a hook that inspires your lead to keep scrolling down the page.

Developing this skill can take time, but there’s a few shortcuts! Whenever you see an ad that makes you stop and want to click through to the page, study the copy that they’re using. That’s a hook that worked on you! What can you pull out of it that you can use in your own copywriting?

Consider scrolling through a website like Pinterest by searching your favourite products, your own niche, or simply just “sales pages.” Study these pages and find similarities between them. When I was starting out, I created a swipe file on sales page hooks.

Lastly, get yourself a resource! You can check out my own Sales Copy Engine, which includes a template and some hook writing skills. You’ll also get a Best Practices Guide to help you develop your page as a whole.

2. Focus on your lead (make them feel understood)

A common mistake in website copywriting is focusing too heavily on “I” statements, and not relating our products back to the leads.

Take note of each “I” statement that you’ve used. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, swap the pronoun “I” for “you” for a massive improvement!

If you’re not sure how to talk about your lead, you’ll need to do some market research. Market research doesn’t have to mean that you’re begging random strangers to get on calls with you and enticing them with coffee gift cards and fancy giveaways. You can easily do market research by doing some competitor sleuthing. Look at social media profiles of brands larger than you, and find the comments that their followers are making. There’s an absolute goldmine of market research readily available on the internet for you! 

3. Use call-to-actions wisely

Don’t be afraid to make the sale! Often with my own clients, I’ve noticed a hesitancy to use call-to-actions and checkout buttons throughout the page. Let me be clear: do not make your leads search for the buy button, because most of them are going to be lazy. Instead, provide them a way to continue checking out as they scroll through your page.

But wait! Isn’t this being too sales-y or pushy? I don’t want to come off as a sales person! If you’re wondering this, then stop. Not only is it your job as a business owner to make sales, but presenting your leads with an opportunity to buy from you isn’t being sales-y or pushy. It’s simply showing up where you’re needed.

Of course, adding a button or pushing the sales after every paragraph or line break would get to be too much. Use your best judgement here! But don’t be afraid to sprinkle these buttons throughout your page.

Similarly, the text you use for your CTA is just as important as the placement. What action do you want your potential customers to take? Perhaps there’s a feeling you want them to have, or a directive. Whichever you choose, I always recommend that the buttons themselves are written from their point of view. This means using text like, “Sign Me Up” or “I’m Ready.” You can also use “Let’s Get Started” or more simply, “Get Started.”

4. Consistency

It might be obvious but being consistent is the best way to build trust with your audience. In my experience, most poor conversion rates on sales pages are simply a matter of positioning and building that authority. 

So, how can you do that?

Be consistent everywhere you can! This means using consistent branding (note: branding is not just your colours and fonts. While that’s a huge part of it, your branding includes messaging among other things!). Other ways to display consistency throughout the sales experience are using complimentary graphics, tone of voice, point of view (don’t switch between first and third-person), and the general vibe! Are you being playful? Serious? Is the experience leaving them feeling relaxed, energerized, motivated? Whichever you choose depends on your branding, but don’t switch it up throughout or you could confuse them.

In summary, in order to sell digital products with success in 2022 and beyond, you need to understand the complex nature of copywriting, graphic design, and buyer’s psychology. But with these 4 Best Practices, you’ll be much closer as a result!

Not sure how to build your sales page? I highly recommend using a platform such as Kartra, which can not only host your sales pages, but create checkouts, handle your email marketing, and so much more. Start your $1 Kartra trial here!

If you still need more support then check out the Sales Copy Engine. It has everything you need to write a high-converting sales page, plus a number of supplementary materials to help you along the way to creating your high-converting sales page and #bestlaunchever!

This sales page template comes bundled with loads of helpful sales page guides, tips, and best practices. I’ve even included a few bonus materials to streamline your sales page design! Click here to check it out and use the coupon code TWOPATHS10 for a 10% discount!

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