about two paths co.

years i've lived + worked abroad

Hey! I'm Michelle, founder of
Two Paths Co.


continents i've lived on


years in this business


vehicles i've converted (+ lived in) myself


Instead of telling you all about why you should hire my company to build your next website, or help you sell out your next offer with a brave + bold sales page strategy...

I'll let you decide for yourself.

Because when I created my first website at 12 years old (#fangirl #lotr), I had no idea it would evolve into something that I could take with me on the road... on my very own great adventure.

And if that doesn't show you just how devoted I am to my craft, then nothing will.

This is Grandpa, the 1979 Dodge van that I've called my full-time home for over a year.

Some people might describe me as a "free-spirit" ... while others commend my organizational skills, strategic mindset, and willingness to go above + beyond to deliver a high-quality experience.

spoiled AF rescue dog, named juniper


ready to make brave, bold moves?


discovery point

Together, we’ll build a mood board to ensure all of your colours, fonts, and desired graphic elements truly vibe.

I’ll invite you to a Pinterest board to collaborate. We’ll gather ideas from this Board for your new website, taking elements that you love and leaving the rest behind.

You will submit at least draft 1 of your website copy, for me to review and provide insights for you.

Once your copy is officially ready, I’m ready to start designing! You’ll receive the first version of your Home page within a few days. We start simple and add as necessary. 

You’ll have 48 hours to review, find what you love, make suggestions on what you don’t, and turn it around to me for editing.

I’ll begin designing the rest of your pages and turn the entire site around to you for the next round of revisions.


the uphill slog

I’ll review your list of changes and make the ones that I can, suggest alternatives for ones that might not make sense, and collaborate through the editing process for you.

We’ll have another call within this process where I'll make live edits, and discuss other options with you for the remainder.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after beginning the build, you’ll have a completed website!


summit selfie

Working with you is honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had with a contractor. You catch so much, think about how everything fits together, make things better, etc

anyone who reads this just hire [Michelle]
because she was the
best investment in 
my business.

"YOU'VE DONE SUCH A GREAT JOB!!!! you can literally write anything for a
testimonial, and I'll gladly sign my name to it!

Michelle was great to work with. she completed the deliverables on time, offered her expertise along the way, and was very organized.